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Wildlife is an exceptional resource that provides unrivaled opportunities to develop and improve informal recreation, tourism, health and well-being.

Changes must be planned and managed to enhance, not diminish our wild lands and mountains. Stopping illegal developments and landfills will protect Kyrgyzstan's natural heritage, wildlife, culture and global reputation as a great tourist destination and place to live.
We are currently working on cleaning mountains from trash and waste. However, the initial environmental mission will be to organize expeditions to the camps of Lenin and Khan-Tengri peaks to collect, lower and dispose of garbage. The goal is to clean climbing routes from plastic and chemical elements.

Environmental projects need all volunteers, business partners, the media support from all people to give more significant public attention to environmental issues in the mountains.

Educational and information projects on the responsible use of mountain resources are important as well.

We are looking for partners, volunteers and anyone who wants to help us to restore the natural beauty of Kyrgyzstan. You can share your ideas with us at
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