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Kyrgyzstan is a mountain country: 94% of the country is located at more than 1,000 meters above sea level, and about 41% – at more than 3,000 meters.

Our mountains is a natural, cultural, and economic heritage of our country.

We must use our mountains potential to create a sustainable economic growth and world image for our country.
Kyrgyzstan has a high chance of becoming the center of mountain activities

Goals of Federation

The development of mountaineering

Create working conditions for new climbing sections and construct climbing walls in the largest universities of Bishkek, Osh, Karakol and other regions of the country.
Participation in the Olympic Games
Develop Olympic sports and receive licenses for participation in the summer and winter Olympics in climbing and ski mountaineering.
Climbing centers
Reconstruct international climbing centers and camps with support of the state and partners: Achyk-Tash, Karavshin, Batken, Asian Patagonia, Ala-Archa national park, South and North Enilchek.
Healthy , competitive environment
Encourage healthy competition, to maintain and develop mountaineering clubs and other mountain sports.
Development of sport climbing
Develop sport climbing in Bishkek and other regions of our country. Construction of climbing walls in the regions.
Mountaineering team of the Kyrgyz Republic
Create the Kyrgyz national team of mountaineering that could compete with the leading teams of the world.
Mountaineering in Kyrgyzstan
Maintain and develop the Kyrgyz school of mountaineering and promote it to international level.
Instructors and guides
Create an effective and competitive system of professional trainers training, instructors and guides.

Responsible consumption

Promote mountain activities and preserve wild nature.
Consolidation of the mountain community
Unite all mountain clubs to develop all types of mountain activities, such as climbing and safari tours.
Educational projects
Support educational initiatives and other activities that improve understanding of mountain activities and environment.
Care for the environment
Support and create initiatives that improve the environment and fight those that harm it.
Support of local communities
Encourage the development of facilities and services of local communities that improve ecology, economy and enhance the experience of mountain areas and being there.
Work closely with climbers, government, local authorities, landowners, etc.

Ecology and business

Support of study projects and implement the best international environmental standards while conducting business in mountain ranges.
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We believe that the basic human right is to enjoy nature without disturbing ecological status quo.

If you add up the goals of the Federation, you will see the positioning of Kyrgyzstan as a country with a developed mountain infrastructure, economically profitable, which allows us to preserve our ecology.
How can you help us?
Become a part of the Federation and influence its development!


Volunteers run the Federation!

Events are led by volunteers as well instagram page. This site is made by volunteers.
We are a community of volunteers with a passion for the mountains of Kyrgyzstan!
Event organization
If you have an event idea that is in tune with our goals, we will definitely support you!
Partnership, Sponsorship
We have an extensive experience in creating mutually beneficial partnerships. Let us know, let's brainstorm together.
All funds will be used to organize support for the popularization of the snow leopard (a symbol of the Federation and the country), cleaning of base camps and massively visited mountain routes.
Our dream: Kyrgyzstan protects and respects its mountains and wild places, encouraging people to use mountains responsibly.

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Ecology is the responsibility of everyone

Thanks to the initiatives of people who love nature and our country, there are projects where everyone can contribute to the conservation of our nature. Join now!
The basic human right to enjoy nature without destroying or disturbing the ecological balance

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