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Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic represents the interests of mountaineers, rock climbers, ski climbers, skyrunners and mountain hikers that live in Kyrgyzstan. For individuals who love our mountains and acts in support and promotion of all kinds of mountain activities in the country.
Our Mission
Be the source of knowledge, inspire and motivate people to enjoy the beauty of mountaineering, sport climbing, skyrunning, ski-tours, and trekking in the unique landscapes of Kyrgyzstan.

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We provide information and training to mountain lovers to promote a safe and enjoyable time for our mountain lovers. We organize sports competitions, team events, and climbing expeditions to local and foreign peaks. We also hold campaigns to protect Kyrgyzstan mountains and the rights to access them.

Our funding is a combination of membership dues, personal funds from the board, partners and sponsors. We will welcome the support of the interested persons who encourage community initiatives and services in the field of mountain safety, mountain education, and the development and promotion of mountaineering, rock climbing and other mountain activities.
Mountaineering is a sport of tough decisions. In the mountains you can't fake it till you make it, you have to put in work.
F.M. Sveshnikov

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Goals of Federation
  • Preservation and development of the Kyrgyz high altitude-technical school of mountaineering, its promotion and path to a new international level.
  • Development of Olympic sports and obtaining licenses to participate in summer and winter Olympiads in sport climbing and ski mountaineering.
  • Creation of work conditions for new climbing memberships and climbing walls construction in largest universities of Bishkek, Osh and Karakol and other regions of the country.

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Achievements of the Federation
  • First national Kyrgyzstan expedition to Manaslu peak
    First Kyrgyz expedition to Himalayas has been successfully implemented. All six members of the expediton successfully climbed to the top Manaslu - 8163m under difficult weather conditions. Find out more here
  • «Ak-Ilbirs» Award
    «Ak-Ilbirs» is awarded to climbers who have climbed all three highest peaks in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Construction of a climbing wall in Bishkek with reference to Olympic tracks

    A new climbing wall will be built in Bishkek in March 2023 to train the national team of the Kyrgyz Republic as well as climbing school members.
  • Federation activities comply with the requirements of the Olympic Charter
  • Official membership in the National Olympic Committee
  • International global federations member: mountaineering, skyrunning, sport climbing and ski mountaineering
    This membership makes us a part of the international global system, and gives us the opportunity to use all the advantages and resources of this system.
Our team
Our team

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We have the same passion for mountains, sports and Kyrgyzstan
  • Eduard Kubatov

    Was elected a President of the Federation in February 2022. He is the Winner of the Golden Order, the highest sports award of the Kyrgyz Republic and the National Olympic Committee.

    My long research and business activities have been closely connected with the greatest mountain ranges of Asia: Ala-Too (Tien Shan), Pamir, Kokhi-Safed, Hindu Kush and North American Cordilleras. All this laid the foundation for the emergence of sports passion in the field of mountaineering and skiing. My sporting interests included climbing the highest peaks in America, Europe, Africa, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Tibet and the Himalayas.

    As a member of international global climbing programs: "Snow Leopard", "7 Summits", "Q14" (Crown of the Earth, climbing all 14 eight-thousanders of the world), the first two of which are at the completion stage, I have gained a lot of mountaineering and management experience, necessary for the development of all types of mountain sports Federation.

    Successful ascents to the iconic peaks of the world, Everest and Manaslu, and the subsequent wide public attention formed the foundation of popularizing our mountaineering not only in Kyrgyzstan, but throughout the world.
  • Sergei Seliverstov
    1st Vice-President, Head Coach of Kyrgyzstan Mountaineering
    Sergei Seliverstov has a great passion for mountains and his achievements serve as a proof of that: He was awarded "Snow Leopard", "Winter Snow Leopard". He is also a captain of the "RedFoxAsia" team, 25 ascents to 7000ers, including 5 winter ones, and 2 oxygen-free ascents of the Himalayan 8000ers. 13 first ascents of routes from 3B to 6A of difficulty category, inclusive as a leader. He is the winner of the world cup in mountaineering, master of sports in international class in mountaineering, 2nd class instructor, certified IFMGA mountain guide, lifeguard. He has over 80 ascents on routes of 5A and above category of difficulty.
  • Marina Galtsova
    The Vice President of Sport Climbing
    I developed an interest in mountains and extreme sports during my membership in a school club "Young Tourists". They went on hikes with classmates, participated in tourism activities, and visited historical monuments in Kyrgyzstan. School tourism has grown into mountaineering and sport climbing.

    Sport climbing became a matter of life. I have been training sport athletes and developing Kyrgyzstan mountaineering since 1991. I deal with paperwork on climbing, construction of climbing walls, management of competitions and seminars for coaches and trainers.

    I enjoy drawing, skating and skiing at my spare time. I'm a Candidate master of Sports of the USSR in rock climbing, senior coach in rock climbing of Kyrgyzstan.
  • Andrei Erokhin
    Vice-captain of the National mountaineering team of the Kyrgyz Republic
    I was a troublemaker since my early years. Constantly climbing all the attics and basements in the district, had to ran away from daycare several times, and could not sit still in one place for a long time. At the age of 19, I came to sport climbing club headed by Galtsova M.B.

    When I first went on hiking I had expected the romance of camping, but instead I had to carry a 35kg bagpack for 20 km a day. But regardless, I enjoed looking at the majestic Tien Shan mountains. Having reached the base camp "South Enilchek" I first saw the peaks of Pobeda and Khan-Tengri. The climbers descending from these peaks looked as if they had returned from the battlefield, emacipated and excausted, but joy in their eyes. Listening to their stories in the evenings, I was filled up with the spirit of mountaineering.

    Sport titles: Candidate Master of Sports in rock climbing and mountaneering, "Snow Leopard", champion of the World Cup in mountaineering 2020, 5th place in the World Mountaineering Championship 2016, International Mountain Guide IFMGA, mountaineering instructor of the 3rd category. More than 60 ascents of the 4th-6th category of difficulty, 4 first ascents, one oxygen-free ascent at 8000 meters.
  • Kadyrakun Nurmamatov

    Vice-president for development

    He was born in a mountainous region, from young age recognized the beauty and greatness of the mountains. Thanks to his love for his country and achievements in business, he is well known to rural young people, is the motivator by financing the gifted children.

    His talent and 25 years of business experience including his leadership of the most technologically advanced construction company of the country, Integra, help with successful development of Federation projects'.
  • Ilim Karypbekov

    CCO for international projects
    The biggest media face of Kyrgyzstan, that covers important social issues in his unique style. His out of the ordinary approach to presenting information and love for the mountains is a great mix for achieving Federation goals. His experience as the President of Manas airport, Directortorship of the National TV and Radio Broadcasting Corporation and Megacom company help building processes in a profitable way.

    He has climbed 6000-, 7000- and 8000ers of Pamir, Ala-Too, Tien Shan and Himalayas.
  • Kerim Aktaev

    General Secretary

    Talented coach, holds "Snow Leopard" award. He's in the 1st category in mountaineering, guide and post-graduate student of Mediсal Institute, Mountaineering Instructor. He developed his love for mountains in 1998 as a tourist and now patiently nurturs a new generation of climbers.

    He's a key spokeperson with sports department and other federations in the country. His experience and active participation in the mountaineering community are highly appreciated.
  • Nasiba Eshmuradova

    Adviser to FMSC KR

    Adviser to FMSC KR includes legal support, accounting, communication with international federations, with the International Olympic Committee and with government agencies.
Contact us in any convenient way. We are always up for new ideas.
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