How the logo was created?

Kadyr Batyrkanov

Graphic designer, musician and founder of "Mozgami Branding Agency", one of the most successful graphic design studios in the country.

“I made a new logo for the mountaineering federation.

I grew up in the mountains. I believe that mountains are one of the main factors that forms us. They've always been sacred to me. I believe that you can find spiritual power and physical strength there. My friends are also closely related to the mountains and mountaineering. When I found out that Eduard Kubatov had conquered Everest, I was delighted and proud that the representative of our country and our people had climbed to the very top of the world. It inspired me and gave me motivation to do great things!

Recently, I met Eduard Baike and we started working on a new logo for the Mountaineering Federation of our country. The process was very creative, easy and inspiring. I learned a lot about the Federation, it's vision and its goals. It was especially pleasant to work on this project.

I am very grateful for your trust, Eduard Baike. I wish the federation new heights and success!”
About the logo

The base of the symbol is a triangle, which is the most stable geometric figure, the ancient Kyrgyz sign Tumar symbolizes the eye, which protects its owner from troubles and difficulties.

In the center is the cult peak Khan-Tengri (Lord of the sky), the sacred symbol of the Kyrgyz, and next to it is the image of a snow leopard, which belongs to the traditional sacred objects of the animal world. This is not only a symbol of the capital and our mountains, but also an honorary title for climbers who have conquered the highest peaks located on the territory of the former USSR.

Combining all objects into one sign, we say that the Federation is not only a sports organization, but also an indicator of the resilience and courage of its members, the keepers of the sacred symbols of our country.

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