«A man who is on the very top of a mountain did not fall there from the sky»
For everyone who is willing and prepared for climbing, the Federation offers personal expeditions and tours led by Eduard Kubatov and the leading climbers of the Federation:

Climbing the legendary seven-thousanders of Kyrgyzstan, Lenin Peak (7134 m) and Khan-Tengri Peak (7010 m): July - August.

Trekking to the base camp of the highest peak in the world - Everest and climbing the Himalayan six-thousanders (Mera peaks (6476 m), Island (6189 m), Lobuche (6119 m)): April - May.

Scenic trekking to the base camp of the Himalayan eight-thousander Manaslu (8156 m): September - October.

Climbing Kilimanjaro (5895 m), the highest point in Africa: December - January

Climbing Aconcagua (6962 m): January - February.

Climbing Elbrus (5642 m), the highest point in Europe: summer season.

Climbing the biblical peak Ararat (5165 m), the highest point of Turkey and Asia Minor: spring - summer.

Climbing the highest volcano of the Eurasian continent, Mount Damavend, (5610 m, Iran): spring - summer.
The mountaineering team of Kyrgyzstan is developing and preparing for implementation new international expeditions to eight-thousanders in the Himalayas (Nepal), Karakoram (Pakistan) and Tibet (China), as well as to seven-thousanders Ala-Too and Pamir-Alaya (Kyrgyzstan).

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