Sport climbing
Sport climbing
Sport Climbing is an Olympic sport!
The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee has included sport climbing to the 2024 Olympic Games.
One of the most important goals of our Federation is a participation in the Olympic.

Our team is working hard to develop Olympic sports and obtain licenses to participate in the summer and winter Olympiads in sport climbing and ski mountaineering.
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Rock climbing
«The brain is the most important muscle for climbing»
Wolfgang Gullich
The Rock Climbing Commission of the FMSC KR is working on the development of documentation on sport climbing, organizing and holding competitions, improving the material and technical base for rock climbing.
Сoaching commission
  • Marina Galtsova
    Vice President of Sport Climbing
  • Roman Kovalev

    Head Coach

  • Elena Shevtsova

    Senior Coach
Panel of judges
  • Svetlana Antonova

    Chairman of the Jury

  • Natalia Marasulova

    Member of the Jury

  • Tatyana Barannikova

    Member of the Jury
Technical Commission
  • Nikolai Gutnik

    Chairman of the Technical Commission

  • Nail Muratov

    Member of the Technical Commission

  • Dmitry Tyan

    Member of the Technical Commission

Our everyday life

Trainings | Competitions
On July 24, the 2022 Central Asian Youth Sport Climbing Championship ended in Almaty.

For four days, 93 athletes of 12-19 years old from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan competed for the title of Central Asia Champion.

The guys competed in two types of climbing: difficulty and speed.
The competition brought together the strongest athletes of Central Asia. Most of the participants in the finals are coming back participants in international competitions.

Tyan Alina and Tashbolotov Artur won silver medals in group C in speed climbing in a tough fight; Mysakov Ilya - 4th place in speed, Logvinets Maxim and Tyan Alina - 4th place in difficulty.

I would like to give credit to an excellent work of the Federation of Mountaineering and Sport Climbing of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A modern climbing wall, excellent organization of competitions gave the athletes invaluable experience and an unforgettable sports holiday!
From May 19 to May 22, 2022, the Youth Championship in Sports Climbing was held in Bishkek.

The event was opened by Director of the Department of Culture, Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs Mirlan Parkhanov and President of the Mountaineering and Climbing Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic Eduard Kubatov.

Competitions were held in two catergories: complexity and speed.
complexity - individual climbing, where you need to climb to the end of the route ("Finish", or "Top"). Athletes are given 3 minutes to study the track and for a short control time of 3-6 minutes they alternately pass the track.
Speed ​​- a tandem race, here you need to lift yourself to the end of the track in shortest time possible.

According to the results of the competition in the group born in 2003-2006, the winners were:
- complexity and speed - Evgeniy Gorshkov;
- complexity - Shestaeva Darina;
- Speed ​​- Alisa Zubkova.
In the group born in 2007-2008:
- complexity - White Michael;
- Speed ​​- Batadzhiev Ruslan;
- complexity - Musuralieva Leyla;
- Speed ​​- Leyla Kartlykova.
In the group born in 2009-2010:
- complexity and speed - Tashbolotov Artur;
- complexity and speed - Tyan Alina.
In the 2011 and younger group:
- complexity - Mikhail Mananchikov;
- Speed ​​- Danil Lytochkin;
- complexity - Cho Alice;
- Speed ​​- Kozak Angelina.

Champions will now go to the Asian Youth Championship, which will be held in July 20-24 in Almaty.

Reference: When climbing, almost all the muscles of the body are strengthened, and it is also an excellent cardio load that strengthens the heart.

To participate in competitions, it is not necessary to be engaged in rock climbing all your life. Enough perseverance and determination.


Development of climbing centers

on natural terrain in Kyrgyzstan

Though rock climbing recently, has moved inside, climbing on natural terrain - rocks has remained a necessary part in the preparation of a climber.

Rock climbing allows you to quickly work out some technical elements that are difficult to understand on a climbing wall; gives psychological relief to athletes; allows you to more realistically assess the growth of the technical and physical level of the athlete.

For training on natural terrain, athletes use prepared arrays - cleared of "live" stones, with punched points for upper and lower insurance.

In Bishkek area, rock climbers train on the rocks of Chunkurchak, Ala-Kush, Raspberry Gorge, Aksai.

But Kyrgyzstan has a huge potential for the development of rock climbing on natural terrain. And in recent years, we have organized several expeditions to assess areas suitable for climbing camps - the presence of rocks with a variety of terrain, large areas for belay and camping, the availability of water.

Unkur-Tash rocks in the Naryn region, Dangi Ak-Bura in the Osh region, Karakul in the Jalal-Abad region turned out to be very interesting areas in this regard.
We had the idea of ​​organizing sport camps on the rocks of Karakul for a long time.Every time we went down from the Kok-Bel pass and got into the canyon of the Kara-Suu river, we admired these walls. Several times we stopped and walked along the shore, checking new interesting routes.

Finally, there is an opportunity to make dreams come true. We have gathered a strong, friendly team, for whom climbing and hiking in the mountains is a main passion.

Everything went well - a long weekend, good weather and a desire to see new things.

And here is our big company of more than 40 people, on the rocks of Kara-Suu.
Having set up camp, they began preparing routes. We started with simple ones to take 20 kids of 4-17 years old.

In total, Misha Danichkin and Nikolai Gutnik with their assistants went through 12 routes from 20 to 45 meters in length of varying difficulty. They punched two tracks for entering the hinged routes.

During the training camp, we managed to climb rocks, and master the passage of railings on the jumar, descent on a rope, and even climb.

We plan to make these sports camps regular. Especially, we want to break through several beautiful multi-pitches and joint training camps with athletes from the southern region.

Marina Galtsova 0555 12 01 12
Nikolai Gutnik 0555 15 09 90

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