Our dream: Kyrgyzstan protects and respects its mountains and wild places, encouraging people to use mountains responsibly.

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Kyrgyzstan is known all over the world for its mountains and wild nature.They are the base of our national, cultural, environmental and historical identity.
With the technologies, nature attracts visitors like a magnet. Some come to relax in an untouched place, some – to walk, climb, run, ride a bike or ski, others want to see beautiful wildlife.

Kyrgyzstan mountains are amazing and provide opportunities for health, wellness and fitness, and can also provide sustainable, high-quality employment. We recognize the benefits of attracting more people to these areas while maintaining their wilderness appeal.

When wild places are lost, they disappear forever. It is necessary to take care of our mountain landscapes and preserve their origins.

Mountaineering and other mountain activities are growing in popularity. And this has its consequences. We want to work with other organizations to help manage the mountain environment to maximize recreational benefits and minimize environmental impact.

Ecology is the responsibility of everyone

Thanks to the initiatives of people who love nature and our country, there are projects where everyone can contribute to the conservation of our nature. Join now!
Initiative of the Kyrgyz Mountaineering Federation to clean up camps on Lenin Peak, Khan-Tengri and the Aksai glacier zone.

Civil movement "Ekostan" to improve the environment. Let's unite to save our unique nature.
A specialist from Germany claims that 10 years ago, Kyrgyzstan, with its small territory, was ranked second country in the world in terms of the population of snow leopards after huge China. Now the situation has worsened.

The environmental incident map collects and displays environmental incidents.
An environmental organization that fights against air pollution and its consequences for human health and the environment.
The mobile application informs residents of Kyrgyzstan about air quality in real time.
Air Quality Central Asia
Creation of communication between members of civil society, scientific and academic communities, media and government agencies to solve the problem of air pollution in the Central Asian countries.
Preservation, expansion and improvement of the quality of green areas in Kyrgyzstan, including botanical gardens, parks, squares and other green areas.
Civil initiative for the development of the pedestrian environment, cycling infrastructure, public transport in Bishkek.
The non-profit organization brings together young professionals, scientists and leaders involved in solving environmental problems in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.
The basic human right to enjoy nature without destroying or disturbing the ecological balance

© Vlad Ushakov

Initiative of the Kyrgyz Mountaineering Federation to clean up camps on Lenin Peak, Khan-Tengri, the Aksai glacier zone and mass mountain routes.
Wildlife is an exceptional resource that provides unrivaled opportunities to develop and improve informal recreation, tourism, health and well-being.

Changes must be planned and managed to enhance, not diminish our wild lands and mountains. Stopping illegal developments and landfills will protect Kyrgyzstan's natural heritage, wildlife, culture and global reputation as a great tourist destination and place to live.

Free, responsible access to the mountains: the mountains don't "belong" to anyone.
They should be habitats and environments for all living beings, used in harmony and with mutual respect.
We are currently working on cleaning mountains from trash and waste. However, the initial environmental mission will be to organize expeditions to the camps of Lenin and Khan-Tengri peaks to collect, lower and dispose of garbage. The goal is to clean climbing routes from plastic and chemical elements.

Environmental projects need all volunteers, business partners, the media support from all people to give more significant public attention to environmental issues in the mountains.

Educational and information projects on the responsible use of mountain resources are important as well.

We are looking for partners, volunteers and anyone who wants to help us to restore the natural beauty of Kyrgyzstan. You can share your ideas with us at

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