Pay the fees
If first time registering:
  1. pay a one-time entry fee - 500 soms
  2. pay an annual membership fee - 500 soms
In total - 1,000 soms.

Membership is renewed annually from January 2 to February 28 (500 soms).
You can pay for several years at once.
We accept card payments from Optima Bank
Card number 4169 6151 8355 4744. (Accountant of MSCF KR — Gulmira Dzhumalieva)

You can pay in cash through terminals or bank cash desks, and for cashless payments, through online wallets. All payment options are described below.
Pay in cash (KGS):

Pay by bank transfer:

  • using Internet banking or the Optima24 mobile app
  • transferring from one card (Optima or else) to another.

Electronic wallets:
  • Namba One – free
  • myHalyk - free
  • Megapay – 1%
  • Balance – 1%
  • O! Money – 1%
  • Mbank – 1%
  • UMAI – 0.7%
  • Finca Bank – 1%
After payment, it is important to keep the receipt and attach it when filling out the online registration.

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