Talas Region

© Vlad Ushakov


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Many thanks to our photographers for helping us to see the beauty of Kyrgyzstan!
  • Vlad Ushakov
    Photographer, eco-activist, tour leader, researcher, developer. More than 24 years of experience in photojournalism. Head of the Union of Photojournalists of Kyrgyzstan, expert of PF "EcoMiR: Environmental Monitoring and Investigation".
  • Nursultan Attokurov
    Photographer traveler, for more than 4 years I've been traveling all year round around Kyrgyzstan, taking photos and videos of landscape shots from hard-to-reach places in our country. As part of the team of photographers of the European magazine Nomadict and Aviasales Ambassador in Kyrgyzstan. I have been professionally engaged in photography for more than 2 years, arrange individual tours, and the profession of a historian helps to study and explore new locations.
  • Nikolai Gladkov
    My name is Nikolai, I was born and raised in Kyrgyzstan, I have a love for the mountains and my homeland since my early childhood. I actively began getting involved in photography at the age of 24. Started using cell phone at first and only a couple of years later got myself a professional camera. I have been traveling around Kyrgyzstan for two years now, actively trying to explore every corner of our wonderful country. I would like to show our beautiful country to the whole world!

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