First expedition from KR to the top of Manaslu in the Himalayas
Manaslu (8 163 meters) is a mountain in the Himalayas, the eighth highest eight-thousander in the world.
The first Kyrgyz expedition to the Himalayas was carried out as part of the 2022 declared by the UN as the International Year of Sustainable Mountain Development.

Before the start of the expedition, on September 06, 2022, a press conference was held where the team members spoke about the preparation and goals of the ascent.
«Manaslu Project is a combined team of Kyrgyzstan, which is represented by outstanding professional and amateur climbers with extensive experience. The team includes Kadyr Nurmamatov, the head of the Manaslu-2022 project, Ilim Karypbekov, Azizbek Omurkulov, members of the mountaineering team Andrey Erokhin and Asel Baibagysheva. The team is headed by Sergey Seliverstov, one of the most outstanding and strong climbers in the country, a master of sports of international class.

The project is dedicated to the Manas epic and the International Year of Mountains, 2022. The epic «Manas» is a real Kyrgyz code. Identification code of our people, our country. We chose Manaslu for a reason. From Sanskrit, its name is translated as «mountain of the great spirit», next to the top is Lake Manas. We plan to raise a three-kilogram volume of the epic edited by Sayakbay Karalayev to the top. Each member of the expedition will carry the book in turn»

– Eduard Kubatov, President of the Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation
Team at the top of Manaslu!
«The first team from Kyrgyzstan reached the peak by 8:00 am, 10/01/2022. Congratulations to all members of the expedition and invited Sherpas», Seven Summit Treks said on Instagram.

All six participants climbed to a height of 8 163 meters, three of them climbed oxygen-free. The flag of Kyrgyzstan was raised over the mountain. In addition, the participants brought a three-kilogram volume of the Manas epic to the peak of the mountain.
The President met with the Manaslu project team

Sadyr Japarov thanked the national mountaineering team for glorifying Kyrgyzstan with their achievements and raising the State flag to such high mountain peaks.

The team said that among the 404 climbers from 80 countries who intended to climb the peak of Manaslu, only about 60 people made it to the top.

At the end of the meeting, the climbers presented Sadyr Japarov with the flag of Kyrgyzstan raised to Manaslu peak. The team handed over another flag to the most remote border outpost of the Batken region.

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